The Nabla Plus company was founded in March 1996 as a wholesale centre for electrical material. The business operations of the company expanded gradually to include engineering work and the production of special-purpose switchboards with supporting technical documentation. Today, Nabla Plus is one of the leading companies in this region in the distribution of electrical equipment, which helps clients in the efficient use of energy and in increasing industrial and personal productivity in a sustainable manner. Over the years, Nabla Plus has attached itself to strong reputable brands from this sector and today provides the most complete selection of superior electrical equipment in our market. The backbone of our range of products are the following brands: Schneider Electric, Phoenix Contact, Rittal, Vishay, Pizzato, Sirena, IME…

Together with our network of partners, we are able to handle complex systems in the energy sector, as well as supervisory-control systems in the energy, industrial and infrastructure segments. Special attention is paid to larger projects from the design stage to the final implementation.

We operate throughout the region and successfully do business in the EU and beyond. Nabla Plus employs around 50 staff and is very proud of its educated and experienced employees, with a range of knowledge that expands daily thanks to constant additional training, approved certificates and continued work on professional growth.

Nabla Plus builds its success based on responsibility, respect and determination. We are aware that our success depends on the success of our clients and our main goal is to meet their needs and provide them with quality and comprehensive support, as well as real solutions for increasing their operational efficiency, while reducing energy costs and the negative impact on the environment. We want to take our example and encourage those around us to innovate and set high quality standards. Our goal is to create a quality and innovative environment, a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere in which hard working and talented individuals can do their best and thus affect the wider area.

Nabla plus has been on the market for years, working from offices in Zagreb, Split and Pula. In this way, we achieve high-quality coverage of the specific requirements of each market and are locally available to customers.

Energy is the centre of our activities. Therefore, we are aware of its value and the need for its effective and sustainable production and consumption. That’s why we conduct all our activities in a sustainable manner, while reducing the negative environmental impact.


Nabla plus d.o.o.
Engineering, Manufacturing and Trade in Electrical Products
Lukoranska 2, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
OIB: 50697070495
VAT No. HR50697070495

Tel: +385 (0) 1/3689-900
Fax: +385 (0) 1/3689-901

The company is registered in the Commercial court in Zagreb under number (MBS) 080054220.
The share capital of the Company is 49.720,00 € and is paid in full.
Members of the Board Željko Pintarić, D. Alaburić and M. Horvat represent the Company individually and independently.
IBAN: HR3624020061100059890 at Erste&Steiermarkische bank d.d. and HR2024000081110488677 at Karlovačka banka d.d. 


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