Celebration of 25 years of successful cooperation between Nable plus and Schneider Electric

Last week, Nabla plus and Schneider Electric celebrated 25 years of successful cooperation on the Croatian market.
A quarter of a century is no small thing. Director Željko Pintarić pointed out that we should have in mind that throughout this period we were accompanied by numerous business and administrative adjustments, from the beginning in the post-war years, through VAT, entry into the EU, few crises and up to the most recent transition of business to the euro. We successfully overcame all of this and today we proudly stand behind our companies, but also our people who were our main strength these years.

And it was these people and our customers and business partners who celebrated this anniversary with us last week. The great atmosphere is a good indicator that we re in fornt of (at least) another 25 successful years.

Thank you all for coming and contributing! We greatly appreciate that you took your time for this celebration and that you place your trust in us every day.

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