The range of NEMO multifunction instruments is completed with the new EASYCONNECTsolutions, available in 4 DIN modules or for 96x96 mm panel installation.

The new measurement units are fitted with ROGOWSKI measurement coils (closed and openable), which offer a fast and safe faultproof connection.

The new series of IME multifunction devices solve problems for installers in three-phase systems mainly in retrofitting on existing panels and in all cases where there are space problems that cannot be solved with traditional current transformers because they are too bulky.

Ideal tool for adding new measurement points on the system

The main advantages of the new offer are:
  • quick installation
  • simplicity of wiring
  • compactness

DIN and door versions

The measurement units are available in 2 versions:

Basic: backlit display, built-in RS485 Modbus or Mbus communication, Class 1 (EN61557-12).
Standard: Backlit graphic display, integrated RS485 Modbus or MBUS communication, 1 or 2 current sensor triad inputs, Class 1 (EN61557-12).
Units with closed coils

To ensure maximum flexibility and quick installation, the available control units are equipped with Rogowsky closed coils, which can easily be connected by means of a connector suitable for currents up to 125 A.

Units with open coils

For current from 630 to 6300A, there are control units with open type Rogowski coils that can easily be installed on copper or aluminium bars or cable bundles. This solution guarantees flexibility of installation in both new and existing systems.

Quick and safe connections

The connection of the current sensors to the flush-mounted and DIN module measurement units is guaranteed by a practical quick connector. This also avoids having to configure the transformation ratio, as the solution is available in a pre-configured kit.The EASYCONNECT connection system avoids the common connection error that affects the measurement. The pre-wired connector can only be connected in one direction, therefore ensuring high reliability. In case of connection in the wrong direction with respect to the load, the automatic measurement diagnostic built in the device allows to change the calculation logics without disconnecting the system. As the sensor output is low voltage, it is not necessary to short the secondary before disconnecting the current sensor from the instrument.

Open coils

Installing open coils on busbars or cable bundles is extremely quick and easy. A special spacer supplied with the coils allows the conductor being measured to be mounted in the centre of the sensor, therefore ensuring maximum precision at all times.

Connection flexibility

If the coils need to be connected at a distance greater than the standard cable length, extensions are also available, already fitted with quick connectors, that allow to reach a distance of 5 m.

For consumption control and management

The EASYCONNECT measurement units are used to measure, record and transmit values such as active and reactive energy, power, voltages and currents, and are available with 2 communication protocols: MODBUS for data transmission to the Webserver with chart display, or for integration with third-party display software, and Mbus.

You can find more info here: IME EasyConnect


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