SMART-Q is the queue management device designed on EOS basis.
The configuration consists of a steady green light with “beep” sound and flashing red light mounted on extension and support base. The operation is through the battery (positioned in the base) or by mains power (230Vac/50Hz).
SMART-Q allows two modes of operation:
1. Automatic: the red module of the device flashes; by pressing the button “A” of the remote control
the green module lights up with “beep” sound for the time set (2 to 12 s) and then return red flashing again;
2. Manual: by pressing the “B” button of the radio control the device passes from flashing red to fixed green with “beep” sound and remains in this state until a new press of the button “B”.

• Battery power: 8 hours of continuous operation
• Mains power supply: 230Vac/50Hz
• Remote control for automatic control (green light turn-on time: 2 to 12 sec.) or manual
• Height: 135 cm


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