Nabla plus is cooperating with Nabla Slavonija who is distributor and integrator of RiMS system, advanced MCC system with withdrawable modules based on Rittal Ri4Power system and IDS’s e-con s.i. innovative system for MCC technology.

Compared to the classic solution with a fixed installation of the equipment, or the solution with plug-in modules, modules with fully withdrawable technology proved to be the best solution for Motor Control Center (MCC-s).

Field of application of systems with withdrawable modules is in critical power systems, in which the withdrawable modules, in case of failure, can be quickly, easily and safely replaced.


Application examples for MCC system with withdrawable modules are:

- industry (due to the high cost of production downtime)
- municipal systems (e.g. water treatment plants)
- banks or data centers (due to the high cost of downtime)
- hospitals
- process oriented production plants (e.g. chemical, oil and gas, cement industries and power plants … )





• modular concept ensures high availability and reduced time for repairs

• modules can be replaced under operating conditions

• basic module height of 75 mm ensures high density of installation and save space

• withdrawable modules can be equipped with low voltage equipment of all renowned manufacturers



• RiMS system is arc-free due to:

- the drawer-units are constructed in such a way, that the contacting device, the vertical bus-section and the power-plug form up together an hermetic encapsulation

- the vertical-bus-section of each cubicle are completely insulated, from phase to phase as well as from phase to earth to reduce the risk of an internal arc-fault

- each power-contact is insulated against its neighbor-contact and against earth, that in case of an overload, ionized gases cannot shortcircuit two phases or a phase against earth

- isolated contacts and bus avoids the short circuit caused by a variety of contaminants in the area

• this system has been tested and certified by international testing laboratories



• the contacting-device of the drawer-unit is constructed in such a way that under no circumstances the contacting-pressure will be reduced or even lost during a short circuit.

• moving the drawer-unit to operating- or test-position doesn’t influence the protection-degree of the switchboard.

• moving the drawer-unit to operate-position is possible while the whole power-cabling stays fixed (Power-cabling should not be moved to avoid breaking wires)

• the contacting-device is of self-cleaning type when pushing or turning it to operating-position, so that it will be maintenance free

• each contacting device is individually tested and labeled with a serial number

• contact elem. is controlled by the detachable handle, so on/off operation can be done only by authorized personnel

• extraction of module is prevented if the module is in operating or test position

• it is possible to encode each module with a unique code



• we haves all relevant certificates required for installation and use of this system


For more information about RiMS system please download the following brochure: RiMS eng (4 MB)


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