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Fireye – Uvod

Fireye-logoFireye® is a leading manufacturer of flame safeguard controls and burner management systems for commercial and industrial applications throughout the world. Our products can be found in a variety of public buildings, commercial properties, power plants, pulp and paper mills, petrochemical facilities and food processing plants. Fireye is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp.
Our roots go back to the 1930s, when the company offered the first commercial/ industrial electronic flame safeguard control, a photoelectric device designed to detect the presence of an oil flame in less than a second.
We were the first to develop infrared scanners to monitor both gas and oil flames, the first to develop a scanner that discriminated between signals from adjacent burners, the first to create a completely solid-state programming control. We have set new standards with a micro-processor-based, auto diagnostics program that communicates in five different languages.

In our labs and research facilities, the Fireye engineering staff constantly evaluates and tests new ideas. We look for ways to improve current products, as well as for new entries into related aspects of combustion control and management. Fireye has maintained ISO 9001 certification since 1996.

Our brand of customer service is based on constant communication. Our company depends on satisfied customers, and we listen carefully to what the market tells us.

Our manufacturing centers are state-of-the-art facilities for designing, fabricating, assembling and testing electronic devices. Over the years we have constantly reinvested in manufacturing capability, to ensure that we keep pace with new technologies and global competition.

Fireye maintains twenty offices worldwide. That means the best people in the flame safeguard and combustion control industry are everywhere, providing quick and responsive service to our customers worldwide.

Our salespeople are well versed in the technologies and engineering of our products, as well as commercial and industrial applications. They will be happy to discuss your application needs in detail and to suggest to you the Fireye control or system that can best meet your system requirements.



Fireye® provides state-of-the-art commercial and industrial flame safeguard controls, flame scanners and igniters. Our products are used in schools, factories, petrochemical plants, power utilities and other large buildings throughout the world.

High integrity flame safeguard and combustion efficiency products for the HVAC market place (Burner controls, Flame scanners)

sophisticated high technology flame scanners which accurately detect the presence or absence of flame in a multi burner environment (Burner controls, Flame scanners and Igniters)

Specialized multi rated flame scanners for all types of heavy industrial applications and locations (Burner controls, Flame scanners and Igniters)

Flame safety and efficiency management controls for process and production applications (Burner controls, Flame scanners)


Partner  na području Slavonije i Baranje

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