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IT infracusture

Rittal opens up brand new perspectives for the IT world. Be it the standardised RiMatrix S data centre module or the efficient individual components, everything is available off the shelf with short delivery times.

Your benefits with RiMatrix
Unique IT system solutions from Rittal provide state-of-the-art data centre infrastructures. Flexibly select your standardised components from the RiMatrix system components ITenclosure systems/enclosures, IT power, IT cooling, IT monitoring and IT security solutions. In thisway, the IT infrastructure may be tailored precisely to your requirements – leaving plenty of flexibility for future expansion.

Your benefits with RiMatrix S
RiMatrix S is the revolutionary alternative in data centre construction. Based on pre-configured, complete data centre modules, it supports the creation of standardised data centre infrastructures.
The data centre modules already contain all the essential components, such as IT enclosure systems, power back-up and distribution, cooling, monitoring and security solutions. All data centre modules are pre-manufactured, available off the shelf, and permit fast configuration of coordinated customer solutions.


RiMatrix S Standard room
The standardised data centre is assembled at your premises within the context of hot aisle / cold aisle containment.

RiMatrix S Standard security room
The standardised data centre at your premises is equipped with an additional security room (room-within-a-room) to provide additional protection from fire, water and smoke.

RiMatrix S Standard container
The standardised data centre is implemented in a container solution and can therefore be sited outdoors if required.









The new IT platform based on TS 8 for all applications Intelligent enclosure and accessory system with reduced complexity and assembly friendly plug & play technology. Load capacity 1500 kg.

Distributor racks
Distributor racks for optimum accessibility from all sides during assembly and installation in addition to unrestricted airflow, due to the open design.

Network and server enclosures based on TS 8. Load capacity depending on the design up to 1000 kg..

TE 7000
The entry-level model. The 482.6 mm (19″) frame rack may be dismantled easily for optimum accessibility and delivery.

Compact 482.6 mm (19″) enclosure for small networks that may be used as a wall-mounted, under-desk or desktop enclosure.

482.6 mm (19˝) enclosure that may be dismantled and can be used as a wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure.

Wall-mounted enclosure with optimum use of the interior space thanks to removable cover. Status monitoring via viewing window.

Wall-mounted enclosures EL
Wall-mounted enclosure 2- or 3-part with viewing window Protection category IP 54 or IP 55.

Wall-mounted enclosures AE
Wall-mounted enclosure for small networks with a high protection category.

Small fibre-optic distributor
Small fibre-optic distributor of fibre-glass reinforced polycarbonate with mounting plate and PG cable glands. Protection category IP 66.










Power Distribution Rack
Enclosure system Power Distribution Rack with busbar and main switch, prepared for 482.6 mm (19˝) fuse module.

Power Ditribution Unit PDU
Intelligent power distribution – available with C13/C19 sockets or as a UK version with UK-style sockets (BS 1363).

Power System Module PSM
One or two infeeds with one phase or three phases, redundancy thanks to a change of the direction of connection of the socket module. Optional measurement of voltage, current and power consumption.

Voltage supply
Socket strips in a range of designs and Energy Boxes for the power distribution in the enclosure.

UPS systems
Rittal UPS system Power Modular Concept for high availability. As a back-up for critical loads, with high UPS efficiency, even in part-load operation.

Intelligent power distribution/PDU systems
Intelligent power distribution systems at rack level with single or 3-phase infeed from 16 A to 63 A PSM (modular) and PDU (non-modular).








Liquid cooling packages
LCP CW: Extremely high heat loads are dissipated from the IT racks via air/water heat exchangers. LCP DX:Ideal for cooling of small and medium-sized IT applications.

Aisle containment
Door and roof components separate hot and cold air in the data centre. Such a separation is pivotal to increasing the efficiency of climate control technology. It may be used as a front or rear door.

Roof-mounted cooling units for cooling IT equipment
Active climate control of individual enclosures for heat losses of up to 3 kW. Target temperature-controlled control of the server inlet temperature.

Small cooling units
Roof-mounted fan for TS, TS IT, for the office sector; Fan mounting plates including thermostat for TS IT; Fan tray for TS 8; Fan unit, active for TE; Fan expansion kit; Door-mounted fan for TS 8 server enclosures;Fan expansion kit for door-mounted fan;Cover plates for fan panels for FlatBox; Vent cover

Chillers for IT cooling
Especially for cooling IT applications, such as LCP or air/water heat exchangers. Safety-relevant features such as redundant speed-controlled pumps, compressors or buffer stores.











CMC III – Monitoring system

Modular monitoring system for IT, building and industry applications.

The Processing Unit/Compact is the central unit of the CMC III monitoring system. Up to 32/4 external sensors/CAN bus connection units may be connected to the integral sensors. The units may be connected to the data network via Ethernet, configured via Web/USB, can send alarms via an e-mail server and connect to the Network Management System of a company via SNMP.









Micro Data Centre
Security safes in different versions as physical protection for one or more server racks. A broad spectrum of additional equipment permits expansion of the safe into a fully-featured micro data centre.

Data Centre Container DCC
Data Centre Container for mobile or temporary use of IT systems including an innovative, direct free cooling of up to 20 kW. It saves up to 40% of cooling costs.

Fire alarm and extinguisher systems DET-AC
Compact fire alarm and active extinguisher system with smoke extraction system, built into one height unit for use in security safes and closed server racks.

Security rooms
Basic protection or high-MBTF protection for data centres. Whether you are planning a new building or an extension to your data centre, we are at your side with decades of experience.










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