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Pizzato Elettrica E2 MA series joystick


E2 MA series joystick – A new product integrating the EROUND line




  • Available in two heights

  •  Protection degree IP67 and IP69K

  •  Versions with central lock

  •  Maintained or spring-return actuation

  •  Two-step actuation




Available in two heights
The E2 MA series joystick of the EROUND line is available in two different heights: standard height (55 mm) and reduced height (45 mm). Available since September 2016, this second version is ideal for all applications where the lowest height is required. Even so, the low height version of the joystick does not dispense with any of the standard version’s options.




Versions with central lock
In order to prevent accidental actuations, a joystick with a central lock is available. In this version, the lever remains fixed in central position and can be steered in the various directions only after being unlocked by simply pulling the release disk. The pulling movement avoids any unwanted release.


Maintained or spring-return actuation
Versions moving in 2 or 4 directions are available. Each direction can have a maintained actuation, that is when the lever remains in tilted position, or a spring-return actuation, that is when the lever automatically returns to the central position.



Two-step actuation
A joystick with a two-step actuation in any direction is also available. You just have to connect standard NO contact blocks and early make NO contact blocks. For example, this option can be used to control two-step actuations in the same direction.





Protection degree IP67 and IP69K
The joystick’s elastic hood is made in a single seamless piece completely enclosing the lever, without the minimum opening or junction. This unique solution (patent pending) is present in all versions of the joystick, including the reduced height and central lock versions. This solution is the most effective method to ensure protection from any possible penetration of dirt and water; these devices can therefore be used in all environments in which the highest degree of protection of the casing is required, and they pass both the IP67 immersion test acc. to IEC 60529 and the IP69K test acc. to ISO 20653 with jets of water at 100 atmospheres and 80°C temperature, thereby permitting their use also in machines which undergo washing with high-pressure jets of hot water.

Easy configuration of the contacts
The joystick is paired with a mounting adapter with four slots, thus allowing to associate different types of contact blocks to every single direction of actuation. Single or double contact blocks, even on two levels, can be used. There are therefore no constraints on the type of contact block, the users can freely install the standard contact block in the configuration they prefer.


Plates for joysticks
The joystick can be supplied with specific circular and rectangular plates. Available in black or gray, these accessories clearly display the joystick functions. They can be customised with permanent symbols or text by means of laser marking. The laser-engraved markings are indelible. The application of the plate does not alter the IP protection degree of the device.





 Find out more here: Catalog E2 MA joystick_eng (1,9 MB)


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